Grade 1-8

Kids’ World of Energy for Indigenous Youth

Students explore wind and solar power, learn about energy conservation and helping the environment

Beginning in Fall 2016, TREC Education is delivering our renewable energy workshops in First Nations communities around Ontario. First Nations’ culture will be embodied into our interactive, award-winning energy programs.

TREC Education’s Kids’ World of Energy program educates and inspires over 8,000 youth and adults every year in the science and benefits of renewable energy and energy conservation. The program brings hands-on, curriculum-linked experiences to elementary and secondary schools and public events across Ontario.

We are offering workshops in school and communities around Sudbury-Manitoulin region and in Southwestern Ontario. If you would like to book a workshop for First Nations students, please contact us by phone at 416-583-2233 or by email:

Learn more about our workshops below

Concentrate on Conservation

Plug in the Sun

Capture the Wind